Top 10 Best Activities in Cusco

Your current destination, Cusco, is full of fresh things to discover, do and feel. Depending on your interests and preferences, certain activities are fully enjoyable than others. In case of a large travel group, you will also find what to do with your group as well. View Latin America strives for your pleasure during your trip. Our satisfaction is the big smile in your faces once you leave our country with the best memories to share.

Do Not Miss the Chance of Hiking

The land of the Incas is full of places to reach by a pleasant walk by nature. Those destinations are the Rainbow Mountain, Humantay Turquoise Lake or the Condor Sightseeing Spot in Chonta. Their beauty has been featured in cover stories of magazines and several travel blogs. Most of those wonderful sceneries are offered by travel agents, but in case you are short of budget, choose one of the close hikes like Sacsayhuaman and Quenqo forest, just some kilometers away from the city. A great activity for those who can’t stop moving!

Find your favorite place and moment

If it is your fifth day in Cusco and you only have been to the Cathedral, Starbucks, the Main Square and a few museums, I suggest checking out a little bit by your own. This city has special places to discover for everyone. My favorite place is the San Blas lookout point over Limbus bar at sunset, when lights light up. A friend of mine told me his best place is the Main Square, when you hear the big bells ring each hour. A workmate told me she really enjoys the small street heading San Francisco Square, where musicians, fairs, art and people show up every day. How about you?

The Guinea Pig Challenge and Other Flavors

You have the choice of being adamant about trying Guinea Pig, even if it is mixed with peanuts, potatoes, rice or local herbs depending on the meal. In case you can’t yield to your feelings, there are more flavors to explore. Stop in your walk by Cusco downtown and buy Andean corn and cheese, choclo con queso, or the spicy flavor of adobo in the fried pork restaurants in Pampa del Castillo Street. Pick up some fruits and herbs on your hikes or your Cuzquenian friends. Your taste buds will appreciate those new flavors.

Join the Blast of a Festivity

Peruvian idiosyncrasy can’t be understood if you don’t join us in a typical party. Inti Raymi, the Sun Festival is the most solemn day in our schedule where you can take a closer look to the past of our people. On the other hand, faith leads to religious celebrations in a mix of handcrafts, dances, food, and rituals. In addition, near villages honor their crops and their heritage through activities and festivals dedicated to the best local products like peach, potatoes, cheese, bread, and the list goes on.

Get Along with Locals in Events

English speaking locals are increasing more and more, so you will probably won’t have much problems to gather with Cuzqueño people in bars, clubs, markets, parks and other venues. Local events and activities are a great chance to put into practice your Spanish too. Add variety to your archaeological and hiking itinerary with movie nights, art galleries, live music shows, or yoga lessons. Remember you can live your hobbies even abroad with new people to learn from. Prime the pump and shoot a friendly ¡Hola amigo!

Find the Best Souvenir for Them

Have you spotted something special to give out that friend of you? If you haven’t, shopping lovers will have a blast looking for unique crafts and presents. That colorful sweater you bought from an old whimsical vendor goes for your sister. The jar of chocolate with muña herb goes for gourmet grandpa. The small clay bird will calm temper tantrums of your nephew with its trill. Second guess your relatives’ preferences and use all your buying skills to get the best deal!

Take a Experiential Tour

If you feel like getting close to the Andean lifestyle, living one day with the protagonists of the history of the highlands is what you need to be on the target. You will be taught about farming techniques, regional crops, clothing, festivals, family values, traditional dancing and more activities. This is a perfect way to leave behind modern lifestyle for a while and take the plunge into a quieter existence.

Discover the Stories behind Names

You might get confused if you are told to go to Seven Sins or Sweet Hugs. No, these are not dark bars or fancy cake shops. Some of the names in Cusco hide a deep, funny or strange story behind them. I dare you to find Espaderos, venue of an old swordsmen fight, Ataúd, meaning coffin, as a distorted family name, or the odd origin of the Mira Calcetas slope. Moreover, not only streets, but also shops, food and even public transportation have names that might slay you. Just picture Batman and The Road Runner in the same lane of the path.

Learn New Skills and Activities

We never stop learning. Cusco is a great place to start out new abilities and polish up others. Popular choices are cooking and salsa lessons. Local chefs will aid you in your way of appreciating ingredients like rocoto or purple corn and turn them into the blessing of Peruvian food. Latin rhythms are full of energy and fuego, burn the dance floor as high as 11 000 feet! Pottery lessons also are available to discover the power of your hands in an ancient activity. Furthermore, you will have the chance to learn horse riding, fishing, or give a try to extreme sports.

Keep Exploring Near Towns

Cusco is not only the name of the city, but also the vast region including highlands and sub-tropical valleys. Taking rides from half an hour will let you tap the best of your stay. Saylla and Tipón are famous because of fried pork and guinea pig dishes. Paucartambo is a warm and quiet town with a beautiful religious and artistic festival in July. Urubamba and Ollantaytambo are the new home of expats, with a cosmopolite and traditional atmosphere. Finally, crossing the Málaga Pass the small town of Quillabamba waits for you with a unique variety of mango and lots of pools to enjoy hot weather.

This small piece of world called Cusco is full of the best activities for all of you. Talkative or shy tourists, creative or serious visitors, stylish or easygoing travelers, all of them can intertwine stories and enjoy every second of their stays. View Latin America can make your trip come true. What are you waiting for?


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