The Best Places to Experience Peruvian Snow

Slowly fall down flat on your back, put your arms in a T-position and move them up and down as if you are trying to fly. Ta-dah! We have the perfect snow angel. And because a snow angel isn’t nearly as fun on a tropical beach, we tell you where to experience the best Peruvian white landscapes you can imagine. So grab your gloves and Alpaca hat and get ready to dive into the Andes snow.

The Highest Mountain Range in America

 The Huascaran National Park in the heart of the Andes is densely cluttered with glaciers, crystal clear waterfalls and turquoise glacier lagoons.

It is not a coincidence the Cordillera Blanca translates to “the white mountain range”. The second highest worldwide or higher than any other mountain range in all of the American continent,  “Huascaran” reaches more than 6.750 meters or 22.200 feet. During the clear Andes nights temperatures as low as -18°C or below 0° Fahrenheit are standard. The further up, the more snow you will encounter and suddenly you will only see snow and peaks and more snow. The Nevada Alpamayo and Nevada Huandoy are just some of the numerous glaciers in the Cordillera Blanca. Bring a carrot and some buttons, you will have more than enough possibilities to build the perfect snowman.

 Take a Trail to Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley

 The Sacred Valley was the main territory of the Incas until the Spanish conquisitated Peru in the 16th century. Machu Picchu lies in the middle of gorgeous mountain peaks. Any of the hikes to the Lost City of the Incas will take you past glaciers and snow-glazed tops. The most famous one is the Inca-Trail, past incredible antique ruins. But barely any trail will take you through more stunning landscapes than the Salkantay Trek. On your path to the World Wonder Machu Picchu, you will spend four nights under the amazing Andes sky, wander through dense jungles and hike steep mountain ranges. Reaching altitudes of over 4500 meter or 15000 feet, you make your way up to snowy peaks and stunning glaciers.

Humantay Lake

 The Humantay Lake lies in midst of the Sacred Valley and is worth a mention itself. You can either pass the lagoon, sometimes colored turquoise, sometimes in a sky blue tone, on your way to Machu Picchu – for example with the Salkantay Trek. You can also do a one day trip to this stunning sight, starting in Cusco. The colorful lake is for sure one of the most photographed attractions in all of the Andes and is directly connected to a glacier. White dream landscapes guaranteed!


 Massive stone walls reaching endlessly into the skies define the Veronica mountain in the Cordillera Urubamba. Nearly 6.000 meters or 20.000 feet high, the snow-covered peaks stand out amongst the mountains around. You can connect your visit to Mount Veronica with a hike to Machu Picchu, since the Incan Quarry-Trail takes you past those peaks on a beaten path. The further you go up, the more snow you will encounter. And finally up the top of the Nevado Veronica, you will be surrounded by it. Bring your gloves for a snowball fight!


 Labeled as the most beautiful snow-capped mountain of the Andes, Ausangate will not fail to please your snow-desire. Peaks covered in snow as far as your eyes can reach, endless glaciers, a pure natural beauty in itself. The mountain also plays an important role for the locals. During the pilgrimage to the sanctuary of the Q’oylluriti Lord, taking place shortly after Easter, up to 100.000 people come to Ausangate to celebrate their Peruvian identity. The perfect possibility to combine snow and culture.

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