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coronavirus lock down
A view taken on March 20, 2020 in Cremona, southeast of Milan, shows volunteers looking on during the opening of a newly operative field hospital for coronavirus patients, financed by US evangelical Christian disaster relief NGO Samaritan’s Purse. - Fully operational, the structure will consist of 15 tents, 60 beds, 8 of which will be in intensive care. (Photo by Miguel MEDINA / AFP)

Families all around the world spend this tough time together watching for each other’s wellness. Some of these families have an empty chair at dinner time daily. It is the place of the nurse taking a patient’s temperature, or a journalist covering the latest updates on the pandemic. How can we support them in these days?


We humans need each other. In general, actions required to solve a problem require resources and people beyond oneself. The cure for the novel coronavirus is being developed by laboratories right now, but it is not the only problem to solve. We need to understand what is going on and what can you do to overcome the pandemic as a society, without thinking about any personal reward. We need solidarity.

Doctors, nurses, and all the medical staff, policemen, journalists, workers in supermarkets, farmer markets and pharmacies, the ones keeping the gas, power, internet and water networks, cleaning laborers and many other essential roles are the support of our current stability. How can we support them back?

coronavirus lock down

Hospital workers wearing protective mask and gear work in a patients’ triage tent at a temporary emergency structure set up outside the accident and emergency department, where any new arrivals presenting suspect new coronavirus symptoms are being tested, at the Brescia hospital, Lombardy, on March 13, 2020. (Photo by Miguel MEDINA / AFP)

Stay at home. Know the enemy

Media shows exhausted doctors in Italy and a shortage of masks in Latin America. Staying home will prevent the rise of cases, leading in less workload in hospitals. Wear masks only when leaving home or when attending infected people at home. Follow strictly all sanitizing and security recommendations of the WHO and the local government. Do understand what the COVID-19 really is and aim to understand the reason behind all these measures.

Select before sharing information

One of the main tasks of a journalist is conveying the truth in an understandable way. Now your job is to critically read and listen to information provided in all kinds of media. You can recognize fake news with the right questions, reliable sources, and some research. Sharing trustworthy news is a true act of solidarity.

Follow the rules

Quarantine is not vacation time. Some infections were presumably caused because of gatherings, parties, and other kinds of massive social events. Police and in some cases the Army are striving for the compliance of the new restrictions in your country. Help them to preserve order and stay home.

Shop for what you need

All of us need to restock for the upcoming days. Please, do not hoard any items particularly cleaning goods, masks, water and alike. Do follow their sanity policies, as they care for your health. Respect opening and closure times and social distance of one meter or three feet. Do prefer electronic payment is preferred to avoid direct contact.

coronavirus lockdown

Be patient

Public workers receive inquiries on new measures all day. Gather official information and be precise on your inquiries. Bank operations, procedures in embassies and other similar formalities may take longer than usual.

Spend wisely

We all need to avoid scarcity of vital resources in these circumstances such as water, power, bandwidth, masks, fuel among others. Solidarity implies taking into account the needs of others as well.

We all can contribute to them directly or indirectly. Put your solidarity into action now.

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