State of Emergency in Peru: Containment of Coronavirus

On Sunday, March 15, by the time the official number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Peru is 86, the government reinforced measures against the spread of the COVID-19 by enacting the state of emergency and a mandatory quarantine of 15 days in a Supreme Decree. Peruvian president, Martin Vizcarra, addressed all citizens in a press conference at 8:00 PM local time stating the following measures.

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Supreme Decree of State of Emergency

  • Declaration of a national state of emergency starting from midnight March 16 to March 30.
  • Temporal closure of all borders for travelers excluding goods, including land, air, maritime and fluvial. Travelers with flights in and out of Peru must discuss the rescheduling of their transportation with the respective airlines.
  • Free movement is restricted. Exceptions include commuting of workers in essential sectors like food manufacturing and distribution, medicines, finances, gas and combustible, elderly care and accommodation, cleaning, funeral services, IT services, media, water and electricity; government officials on their duties and civilians obtaining food and medical services. Travelers are allowed only on March 16 to use inland transportation to return to their hometowns.
  • Supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, and establishments selling basic products will remain open during the quarantine.
  • Suspension of access to museums, landmarks, archaeological remains, venues of cultural events as well as sport and music or art shows.
  • Gatherings including religious celebrations and festivities are suspended.

These measures were conveyed by local media and by members of the Peruvian army in the streets to ensure everyone is informed. The decree ensures the supply of food, medicines and the continuity of other primary services. Remote work has also been allowed in jobs where applicable to avoid the risk of infection in workplaces.

Previous Additional Measures

  • Docking of cruises was suspended in a decree enacted on March 14.
  • American Airlines suspended flights from Miami, Dallas, and Fort Worth to Lima effective on day March 16, after flying all legs scheduled through the end of that day.
  • Europe and Asia flights were suspended by an official decree issued on March 13.
  • Annual Tax Declaration was delayed, with no duties on importing medicines and medical resources on March 12.
  • Suspension of classes in elementary and secondary school took place on March 11, and university and vocational studies were also suspended the next day through March 30.
  • Peru declared a 90-day sanitary emergency throughout the country on March 12. Events of more than 300 attendants were forbidden.

Useful Resources

  • Call 113 in Peru to report suspicious cases and to obtain official information about coronavirus and official measures in Spanish.

More Updates

  • Only travelers and workers of the Jorge Chavez airport are allowed to enter the facilities.
  • The first case of coronavirus in Peru was discharged after isolation at his house on March 16.
  • Eight out of the 86 cases are hospitalized. No deaths reported.
  • Official subsidy of 380 soles to families susceptible to the suspension of daily activities due to the quarantine. President Vizcarra estimated 9 million people as benefactors.

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