Sport Events Affected in South America due to COVID-19

The surge in cases of coronavirus infections in the Americas leaded most governments to enact lockdown measures causing the suspension of a wide range of minor and major sports events in several disciplines. These competitions have an important role in economics as well as in the daily life of Latin society.

Not only athletes themselves, but also other sectors such as broadcasting, transport, ticketing and merchandising have received a big impact in the normal course of their activities. Infections in contendants, medical staff, coaches and official measures are the main reasons behind these radical decisions in the South American sports scene.

Copa America delayed to 2021

The biggest soccer contest in this continent had to be rescheduled to 2021, from June 11 to July 11, just after the UEFA European Championship was also moved. As the official announcement states, the 47th edition of the Copa America was postponed due to the current health emergency and the recommendation of organizations such as the WHO. 

copa america coronavirus

Copa Libertadores extends Suspension

The most vibrant football club tournament in southern Americas extended the previous suspension ordered by Conmebol until May 5. The ongoing championship, having Flamingo as the current winner, reached group stage matchday 2, and the rest of the fixture has no future date yet. The maximum organization on soccer in South America encouraged delegations to ensure the health of their athletes and follow prevention protocols.

Preliminaries for FIFA World Cup

After consultations with Conmebol, qualifying rounds for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 have been suspended in South America. Soccer players strongly agreed with this measure. There is no new official schedule at the time.

qatar world cup 2022 coronavirus

Local Leagues Suspended

Soccer tournaments were suspended in Argentina, Bolivia. Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay, whereas the Venezuelan government has suspended all sports events.

Swimming Championship Delayed

The coronavirus spread has also reached the South American Swimming Championship programmed for March in Argentina, as the government suspended all international tournaments to fight the pandemic.

Olympic Qualifiers Suspended

Athletes have supported the measure of suspending the qualifying tournaments in each country for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics as well as the event itself. Boxing, fencing, archery, gymnastics and all sport disciplines will be rescheduled. Cases of infected competitors alerted the committees, and some of them, like the Canadian team, declared the retirement of all their athletes if the Olympics were celebrated on schedule. Athletes who fail at these rounds have the chance of getting a spot for Tokyo in the World Qualifiers in Paris.

tokyo 2021 coronavirus

South America Grand Prix of Athletics

This important series of competitions on Uruguay, Argentina, and other countries of South America have also been suspended with no future schedule. The infection threats the security of participants. This measure also follows the strict regulations given by the respective governments.

International Fencing Championship

The annual competition that was going to take place in Buenos Aires was canceled for this season. Participants of Italy, Belgium, Japan, the United States, and other nationalities are forced to wait for the next edition of the championship.

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