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Movies and Series for Everyone in Coronavirus Quarantine

Cleaning is done, workout is over and the temptation of falling into a fantasy story comes into your mind. Movies and series are a good alternative to let out tension, so turn on your favorite streaming platform and instead of browsing the catalogue for a long time, catch up on our following selection of online content and chill out.


New content is full of action and drama. Freeland is the home of Black Lightning, the superhero of the DC Comics universe, returning from his retirement to fight crime with his ability to manipulate electricity. Some laughs join the cops formula in Spenser Confidential: a former member of the police teams up with his brash roommate to solve the case of the murder of his ex-boss.

Trendy series about elite’s issues come to a new level in the third season of Elite, the case of the three mid-class students joining a top-notch private school followed by a mysterious death. A more fortunate destiny has Elijah in Uncorked. The young dreamer develops his passion for wine and realizes his dream of becoming a master sommelier, but only one thing stops him. The desire of his father in him taking charge of his steakhouse.

Coming of age comedies have an update in On My Block, four street-savvy friends new to high school in Los Angeles want to spend the best of their time in danger, rough city. Lastly, inquisitive kids and adults will enjoy the new season of Carmen Sandiego, the elegant and elusive thief pursued by the ACME agency throughout the entire world.

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Docuseries are on stage in The Test, with the fall and recovery of the Australian cricket team confronting a series of challenges with other national teams as well as with themselves. Agatha Christie’s The Pale Horse has a darker plot in which three women suspected of witchcraft are also questioned, by the villagers and writer Mark Easterbrook, of being the hand behind a list of deceased people. The quest for a pirate treasure to save their coastal town is depicted in The Goonies. A group of four young teenagers find a map leading to the treasure chest of One-Eyed Willie. Not an easy duty when you have a crime family at the rear.

You might also prefer older releases such as the versatile Mexican comedian Cantinflas, the path of self-development in the animation movie Kung Fu Panda, or Spinning Into Butter with a solid argument against racism.


Robots running the marvelous theme park of Westworld extend their revolution in a third season. The park in which any pleasure is possible with no punishment will blow your mind. Lila is The Brilliant Friend. Lots of adventures are written down by Elena Greco, all of them took place in the dangerous Naples of the 50’s, with Lila becomes Elena’s worst enemy. Finally, Curb Your Enthusiasm is the comedy you need to watch before it comes to an end. Misunderstandings, celebrities, annoyances and hilarious situations.


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