Combine Glamour and Nature in the Amazon River Cruise

Going for a lark without ceding to comfort is one of the foundations of glamorous traveling. The Amazonas River, known by natural sceneries where tall trees and a plethora of fauna are the protagonists, also give you the chance of surfing by and enjoy the wilderness from your bed in your cruise room. Jungle trails, nocturne excursions, exquisite food and other experiences wait for you and your travel companion.

Cruising in the stream

Inhabiting the rain forest since hundreds of years ago, native tribes figured out a way to use those waters next to their homes to explore further lands. Nowadays, the need of transport evolved to the pleasure of tourism transforming a rustic wooden canoe to an elegant cruise.

Every day you will wake up in a spacious room with different kinds of decoration depending on the ship you choose. You turn on the air conditioning if you feel hot, or just go to the floor to ceiling window a few steps away from you to refresh yourself with the view of the Amazonas River. Breakfast will include freshly picked fruit and your beloved classics.

During your free time, some of the cruises offer a special deck to watch and enjoy the horizon mixing the sky, the forest and the river in a slow pace. Resting rooms with air conditioning, where you can read about the jungle, talk to your travel mates or have a drink are available too.

The Variety of the Species

Choose the way you will record your thoughts or impressions on the fauna you are close to. During your journey, jungle walks will take you to an adventure where your curiosity is going to be put to the test. Use your professional camera to capture the details of the tallest trees from the cruise deck or the quiet frogs hiding with their multicolor costume. A magnifier glass comes in handy to record the serrated leaves or the variety of hues in flowers in your diary. Stand for a while, close your eyes and record with your smartphone and in your soul the trill of birds, the howling breeze, the powerful river stream and the voices of the native people of the Amazonas.

Animals and plants are not only in that piece of world your eyes can see. Talking with natives and paying attention to handcrafts and the stories your tour guide tell you, the species are also into the minds and the history of people. How about you? Is Mother Nature featured in your daily life?

Try a New Lifestyle

Speaking of locals, there is a great variety of people too. The villages near the city feature some comforts of modern life like incipient IT networking, modern clothing, motor vehicles, and more. However, children still get entertained playing football or volleyball, singing, running to the forests, playing together.

The deeper you go in the cruise, the more exotic it turns. Activities include visiting authentic tribes, each of them with a different fashion, different language, and different songs. How do you think the first explorers felt after meeting the Amazonian natives for the first time? Do not hesitate to ask about face painting, the shape of their huts, or the movements of their dances, even single details like the feathers they wear, the ingredients in their food or how to show gratitude in their language. There’s a story behind.

Learn the Jungle Lessons

Schools are implemented in Iquitos and near towns. However, like every country of the world there are lessons that are taught outside a textbook. Fishing is an ancient art developed by humans and you are ready to give it a try, if you haven’t. Patience and observation are required to achieve your first catch. Learn from your tour guide and other fishermen in the crew about hooks, bait and piranhas.

You will be surprised of being seated at your own canoe or kayak surfing the river and testing your nerves next to ships with tourists or locals transporting fruit to the market. The slow and careful transformation of sugar cane into the base of alcohol in sugar mills is in the itinerary too.

Nightly Thrills

Are you up for leaving the cruise and go on a nocturne walk or skiff tour? The wild world transmutes as the moon takes its place on the Amazonian sky. Flashlights help you to spot crocodiles sleeping or if you are lucky enough, meet sleeping hummingbirds. Step by step, you will overcome your fear and getting goose bumps as you discover spiders, little crickets, quiet lizards and other animals

Iquitos, Noisy Joy

Part of the adventure also takes place in the center of the modern jungle. The city of Iquitos has a large history including first explorations, the boom of rubber gum, and the current development. The emblematic local market is full of housewives chatting, buying and sharing news. The sounds of vendors announcing food, medicines, clothes, and other goods are mixed with the sound of cumbia, iconic rhythm of these lands.

In addition, the city offers a time travel visiting old buildings like the former Hotel Palace, and a refreshing sunset at the boulevard. Stepping by the local museum gives you a deeper look into the studies of the tribes in the deep jungle, the instauration of modern culture, the importance of nature and the thriving population of Iquitos.

Preserving Life

Ancient knowledge guide tribes to take what they need from nature and use it wisely, thinking on the future generations. The current environmental condition, the exploitation of resources, illegal trading among several factors, motivated several people to dedicate their lives to preserve the existence of this exotic realm.

CREA, the Manatee Rescue Center is the place where those efforts come together to instruct visitors in the value of the living species and the methods they use to save them from extinction. An Amazonas cruise is not only a comfortable to spend your days in exotics paradises, but also reconnect yourself with nature and the origin of your own life. Exclusiveness can be enjoyed while celebrating the astonishing wilderness of the Amazonas River as well as the uniqueness in yourself.


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