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A guide through Arequipa “The white city”

Known as the White City, Arequipa is the second most important city in Peru. The White City hold its name due to the material that was use by the constructors in its beginning and that up to the moment is maintain in downtown and many other areas.  This white material is ashlar, called “Sillar” and has a volcanic origin; there is well known quarry that produces the unique volcanic rock of sillar.

Arequipa is a very important industrial and commercial center of Peru. Within its industrial activity the manufactured products and the textile production of wools of camelids and has a very important port called Matarani.

The city was founded on August 15, 1540, under the name of “Beautiful Villa of Our Lady of the Assumption” in the name of Marquis Francisco Pizarro. In the history, the city has been the focus of popular, civic and democratic rebellions, it has also been the cradle of outstanding intellectual, political and religious figures of the country.  Its used to have many French style architecture.  Here was born Mario Vargas Losa, nobel prize in literature 2010.

Arequipa is located in the south of Peru and has also 300 days of sunshine a year on average. Throughout the year, temperatures do not exceed 25 °C (77 °F) and rarely drop below 5 °C (41 °F)

The urban area grew at the expense of the countryside, a process that has worsened in recent decades. Arequipa expanded east of the historic center.  This city used to be very colonial with lot of mansions and now is different; at the same time classic and modern.  In this city you will find everything

Arequipa has very nice zones or districts that keep the antique style.  Walking you can go to visit many churches and one of the sites that define the city is Santa Catalina Monastery. A town within a town, this expansive monastery is packed full of chapels, bedrooms and cooking quarters which provide a fascinating insight into the lives of devout catholic nuns back in the 16th century. Each new passageway is as cheery and colorful as the next, meaning the perfect photo op awaits on every corner. In this area is also a must to visit Colca Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in the world.  There are so many tour operators that offer to visit this place.

View Latin America, allows you to explore the area with a very high style in two- or three-days tour.

In the city itself you can find the suburbs.  Yanahuara is located 2km from the city famous for its churches built in Andalusian style alleys. Cayma, place known for its taverns and where there is a beautiful seventeenth-century church. With a viewpoint which affords a beautiful view of Arequipa.

The Thermal baths of Yura; the natural valley of Sabandia and so many places to visit Arequipa is well known due to its gastronomy.  This is one of the best in Peru; this is a gourmet city. You will love the restaurants in Arequipa, also known as “Picanterias” where the delicious regional food spreads its aromas thanks to the wood fires. The “rocoto”, an iconic regional delicacy, “solterito de queso” salad, “caldo blanco” (white broth), pork “chicharrón”, stews, and the renowned “adobo dominical” (Sunday marinated meat) are delights for visitors.

You have to visit and enjoy the cuisine of Zig Zag; Chicha; El Tio Darío, La Nueva Palomino; Sol de Mayo among others

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